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NEW! The Fed Flunks: My Speech at the New York Federal Reserve Bank

By Robert Wenzel


The remarkable story of how Robert Wenzel ended up delivering a speech at the New York Federal Reserve that rocked the financial world. The Fed Flunks contains the speech he delivered, plus two other essays. In addition, Wenzel explains in The Fed Flunks just how it came about that he, a major critic of the Fed, was invited to deliver a speech at the Fed, how the event was almost sabotaged, who was at the speech and the reaction of the Fed economists there. This is a must read for anyone concerned about the US economy and anyone curious about what the Federal Reserve really does.

Following the speech, the great historian Ralph Raico emailed to say, "Bob, your talk to the Fed was absolutely brilliant!"

The economist and libertarian great Walter Block said, "That it is not a good 'Austrian' critique of Keynesianism and the Fed, it is an EXCELLENT one."

The important Misesian scholar Richard Ebeling emailed, "I read your speech at the Fed and your postscript. Brilliant! Just  the type of talk that should be given in a place like that, and superbly constructed and articulated!!!"

Economist Robert Murphy called it an "awesome speech."

Lew Rockwell, chairman of the Ludwig von Mises Institute, said it was "heroic."

But the speech itself is only part of the storyIn The Fed Flunks: My Speech at the New York Federal Reserve Bank,Wenzel also tells the back story of how he ended up being invited to deliver the speech in the first place, how there was an attempt to sabotage the delivery of the speech, who attended the speech and the reaction.

Wenzel designed The Fed Flunks in a manner so that it can be an important tool in the fight against the Fed and be of value to those who want to better track Federal Reserve money printing activities.

But, it is not only an important read for anyone attempting to understand the failures of the Fed and what they are up to now, it can be used as a pass along to others to introduce them to what the Fed is really all about.

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Edition                              First Edition

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Published                           May 15, 2014

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Pages                                 73

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Coming Soon from Robert Wenzel:

Always Fighting for Liberty: The Early Wenzel

Prior to launching, Wenzel spent most of his working hours as a financial consultant, often providing advice to firms that were dealing directly with the SEC, the Federal Reserve and the FDA. But that did not stop Wenzel from speaking out against these agencies and other government organizations. Adopting pen names to protect himself and his clients, Wenzel for years bashed the same agencies that he had to deal with during the day. 

Now, as his financial consultancy business winds down and his pursuits become almost entirely focused on fighting for liberty, Wenzel has assembled an important collection of the essays previously scattered across the internet.

Just Released 
Austrian School
 Business Cycle Theory
by Murray Rothbard

From the Foreword:
Rothbard starts with a clear presentation of the Austrian theory of why and how business cycles occur.  He goes on to discuss in detail the problems with the “remedies” that governments tend to implement to fight downturns in the business cycle and shows why these “remedies” lead to more problems in the economy. Rothbard then discusses what policies must be implemented to eliminate depressions. He then goes on to discuss some misconceptions about Austrian theory. This is followed by a thorough analysis of the Keynesian criticism of Austrian theory, where Rothbard points out why the criticism falls short. Finally, Rothbard examines other business cycle theories and identifies the weaknesses in those theories and how Austrian theory properly addresses those weaknesses.
In other words, this discussion by Rothbard is a thorough treatment of Austrian School Business Cycle Theory. The student who masters the discussion Rothbard lays out here will have a complete understanding of not only Austrian School Business Cycle theory, but also how the theory fits in within the broader spectrum of all business cycle analysis. 
As such, it is not only the definitive exposition of Austrian Business Cycle Theory, but a careful examination of all business cycle theory.

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